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Our products are covered by a comprehensive warranty and guidelines as specified and managed end to end by our own service team located at our head office in Kathmandu, Nepal.


In-warranty Services: Warranty repairs that meet our warranty conditions and are within the warranty time frame are free of charge. Please note that the warranty on our products is not an insurance policy. It is there to cover genuine defects in our products. It does not cover faults that are the result of damage, product modifications, customer added software, or user error.


Out of warranty Services: We can also provide assistance for out of warranty repairs at competitive prices on hardware and technician fees. If you have damaged your device and want it fixed, please do give us a call and we can provide a quote on repairing your item.





1 Year

3 Years

Full parts replacement

Service warranty



Compression only


2 Years

3 Years

Full parts replacement

Service warranty

Washing Machine


Motor only

Chest Freezer


Compression only



1. This warranty states that, the KONKA product described herein affects the manufacturer's independent warranty against any or all manufacturing defects of parts/components or the product itself for the period specified herein valid from the date of original purchase.


2. The unit must be installed leaving adequate ventilation space in order to maintain sufficient ventilation of exhaust. 


3. DO NOT set up the product in a location with exposure to direct/indirect sunlight, extreme heat or moisture. The warranty does not extend to damage of any parts/components and/or circuit boards that have been exposed to fire, water or any other external bodies as well as defects occurred due to excessive and over-limit of electricity, lightening, power surge, voltage fluctuation, short-circuiting, improper wiring, wrong wire connections; etc. Also the manufacturer/distributor is not responsible for any damage(s) due to misuse, negligence, accident, improper installation and/or any other cause(s) occurred by means of improper or insensible act of the user or by natural effect.


4. Ensure appropriate power connection; confirm the line voltage, current flow and other power factors are properly matched as per requirement. Avoid using extension cords, multi-plugs and/or double adaptors. Please keep your product turned-off and disconnected from the power line in case of rigorous power/voltage fluctuation - connect and power on your product once proper power circulation is restored.


5. Any consumable accessories are not covered by this independent guarantee; consumable such as Power Card, Remote Control, Battery, Antenna etc. may forfeit and/or depreciate before or after the guarantee period depending on different operational and environmental conditions - the seller and/or the manufacturer does not bear any responsibility for these consumables. Batteries included with the product are only for testing purposes and may be wired out; please replace the batteries with new ones before using the remote control. Keep the remote control out of the reach of children in order to maintain the safety of the remote control and your product. Check and replace the batteries regularly. Any leakage of battery chemical may damage the remote control.


6. Do not let the remote control come into contact with water, fire or any other external bodies that could harm the mechanics and do not let the remote control to have dropped or been shocked.


7. In case of problem or defect, kindly contact the authorised service center and/or your nearest KONKA Dealer/Showroom through the contact point mentioned in the warranty card/cash memo. DO NOT, in any circumstances, let unauthorised people body repair/service your KONKA product. Remember, "Only the KONKA personnel knows what is best for the KONKA products".


8. This independent warranty stands for repairing/replacement of defective parts & components. Any part or component having reported defective will be placed to authorised service personnel for repairing/renovation. In case, the parts/ components are found to be entirely irreparable, the seller should then effect appropriate replacement as per requirement.


9. In case, the user/customer fails to fulfil any or all of the above terms & conditions, the seller (s)/distributor or the manufacturer shall have no responsibility or liability whatsoever to extend the warranty support; Authorised service center may extend/render their service subject to payment of appropriate service charges and the parts/components price without offering any warranty for the repaired/replaced parts and/or components.


  • This is an information - only website and does not site any purchasing information. Prices for products listed are subject to change as per retailer.

  • While efforts have been placed to provide accurate information, there could be human errors which may have crept in. In the event of discrepancy, please contact by email/phone/query form or a near buy retailer as a more authentic reference point.

  • Features, Specification, Weight & Models for products are subject to change without prior notice.

  • Actual product may differ slightly in appearance to illustrations/ picture provided.


Neupane Tower, 6th Floor, Subidhanagar,

Kathmandu 44600, Nepal

Sales & Purchase Dpt. 

HOD: Mr.Hari Poudel

Mobile: 9851026939
Landline: 01-4111630 / 31/32


Engineering & Production Dpt.

HOD: Mr. Suresh Dhital

Mobile: 9841232396
Landline: 01-4111864


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