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Get perfectly cooked/heated eatables with Konka Micro - Oven with time and temperature functionalities for a wide variety of dishes. Its motorised rotisserie continuously turns the item in order to circulate the heating of the food in an evenly manner, giving you that scrumptious taste in every bite.



  • Digital Control

  • LED Display System

  • Glass Turn-Table Micro

  • Speedy Grill, Smooth Defrost

  • Express Heating and Cooking

  • Easy Cleaning & Easy Operating

  • Multi Anti-Emission Digital Clock

  • Child Safe Lock


Heat, Cook & Defrost 

All in One Micro - Oven 


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Child - Safe Lock

Your microwave is fitted with special Child Safety option, which enables the control panel of oven to be “locked” so that children cannot operate it accidentally

Speedy Defrost and Express Cooking

Defrost your frozen food easily basis weight, with preset option of time and power. Single touch cooking at maximum power while providing the convenience of quick cooking/reheating

Digital Display

This display includes 24-hour clock and indicator symbols. Also Auto cook menu comes with preset menu for you to select the conditions with which you want to cook

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Every meal phenomenal with the 

ALL-IN-ONE kitchen essential


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